Travel Scholarship FAQs


How much is this scholarship for?

We are selecting 15 recipients to receive $1,000 for travel expenses. This money can only be used to pay for expenses related to attending the 2024 Tools for Polyploids workshop. This includes airfare to and from San Diego, CA, your hotel, transportation to and from the workshop, and meals. 


How do I pay the registration fee if I don't have my scholarship money yet?

Your registration fee can be part of your reimbursement! Take a screenshot of the confirmation page after you pay the registration fee and we will include that when we calculate your reimbursement.


How do I get my scholarship money?

This scholarship is strictly on a reimbursement basis. You will spend your personal money and we will reimburse you for your travel expenses directly to your bank account after the workshop. This means that you must keep your receipts in order to receive your scholarship money. If you are selected to receive this scholarship, you will submit your receipts via email to our project coordinator who will do your reimbursement for you. 

For recipients who live outside the US: Due to regulations regarding wiring money internationally, those who live outside the United States will receive their reimbursement via check in the mail after the workshop. Depending on what country you live in, you could receive your reimbursement check in the mail 2-3 weeks after your paperwork is approved.  



What information do my receipts need to have?

Your receipts need to have specific information for each transaction. Most importantly, for all transactions, your receipts need to have your name, the date, the total amount you paid, and your payment method.

Your airfare receipt must have your full itinerary, i.e. your name, your flights' numbers, your destination and where you left from, the dates of your flights, the amount you paid, and your payment method. Your flight confirmation is not a valid receipt. It must have the amount you paid and your payment method.

Your hotel receipt must have your name, your check-in and check-out dates, an itemized list of the charges per night, the total you paid, your payment method, and a $0.00 balance that shows it was paid in full. 

Receipts for meals should have the date, the name of the restaurant, an itemized list of your meal, the total, and your payment method. If you leave a tip, it must also be included on your receipt. This scholarship does not cover the purchase of alcohol and will not be reimbursed.

If you choose to use a taxi or rideshare service to travel to the workshop or to get food, the receipt must have your destination and where you left from, the date, and the total amount you paid, including tip if applicable.


What if I need my money in cash, check, etc. before the workshop or to someone else's bank account?

Unfortunately, we can only distribute reimbursements electronically directly to a bank account after the workshop. If you are selected, you will fill out a form with your bank information on it and we will only distribute your scholarship money to the bank account provided on your paperwork after the workshop. If you are a recipient who lives outside the United States, please see above. 


How long will it take for me to receive my reimbursement?

If you filled out your paperwork correctly and all your receipts were approved, you should see the reimbursement in your bank statement just a few weeks after the workshop. Our project coordinator will contact you if she needs any additional information or if there was a problem with your paperwork. 


What if someone else bought my airfare and/or hotel?

As long as your name is on the receipts, we can include those in your reimbursement. If your name is not on your airfare receipt or on the hotel receipt, we cannot include those transactions. Be sure that your name is somewhere on ALL receipts!


What if my travel expenses exceed $1,000?

This scholarship will only cover up to $1,000. If your travel expenses exceed that, it will become a personal expense and you will have to pay the difference. For example, if your expenses equal $1,700, we will cover the first $1,000 and it will be up to you to cover the remaining $700. 


I'm staying longer after the Tools for Polyploids workshop to attend another conference. Will that affect my reimbursement? 

Not at all! This scholarship will cover the dates during which you attended the Tools for Polyploids which is why it is important that your hotel has an itemized list of the charges per night. We will do all the math on our end to ensure that you get as much out of your scholarship as possible. 



** All other questions can be sent to our coordinator, Delany, at **