September 2022: Fully efficient two-stage analysis of multi-environmental trials with directional dominance and multi-trait genomic selection

August 2022: QTL mapping and characterization of black spot disease resistance in using two multi-parental diploid rose populations

August 2022: Multiple QTL Mapping in an Autotetraploid F1 population with QTLpoly

July 2022: Genomic regions associated with tuber traits in tetraploid potatoes and identification of superior clones for breeding purposes 

July 2022: Rose Rosette Disease Resistance Loci Detected in Two Interconnected Tetraploid Garden Rose Populations

June 2022: Identification of QTLs for Reduce Susceptibility to Rose Rosette Disease in Diploid Roses

June 2022: VIEWpoly: a visualization tool to integrate and explore results of polyploid genetic analysis

March 2022: Phased, chromosome-scale genomic assemblies of tetraploid potato reveal a complex, genome, transcriptome, and predicted proteome landscape underpinning genetic diversity

February 2022: Multiallelic models for QTL mapping in diverse polyploid populations

February 2022: Layering contrasting photoselective filters improves the simulation of foliar shade

August 2021: Detecting quantitative trait loci and exploring chromosomal pairing in autopolyploids using polyqtlR

July 2021: Peridermal fruit skin formation in Actinidia sp. (kiwifruit) is associated with genetic loci controlling russeting and cuticle formation

January 2021: Genotype and Variable Nitrogen Effects on Tuber Yield and Quality for Red Fresh Market Potatoes in Minnesota

November 2020: Nitrogen uptake and utilization in advanced fresh-market red potato breeding lines

October 2020: A Rosaceae Family-Level Approach to Identify Loci Influencing Soluble Solids Content in Blackberry for DNA-informed Breeding

October 2020: Identification of Tetraploid Potato Clones with Good Processing Quality among Genotypes with Reduced Zebra Chip Disease Symptomatology

January 2020: Unraveling the Hexaploid Sweetpotato Inheritance Using Ultra-Dense Multilocus Mapping

October 2019: Genetic and genomic resource for Rubus breeding: a roadmap for the future

May 2018: Challenges of Breeding Rose Rosette-resistant Roses

April 2018: Genotyping-by-sequencing application on diploid rose and a resulting high-density SNP-based consensus map