Kiwi Breeders

Dr. David Chagne


Dr. David Chagne is involved in the International Advisory Group for this project. His role at Plant & Food Research, NZ is about genome analysis and molecular tool development for breeding in multiple crops, including polyploidy kiwifruit, blueberry, and hops. Dr. Change leads a group of 25 researchers focusing on bioinformatics and gene mapping analysis.

Dr. Susan Thomson


Dr. Susan Thomson is a senior Bioinformatician and researcher at The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research (PFR). Susan started her plant research life as a member of the PFR team involved in the International Potato Genome Sequencing Consortium that published the potato genome and high-density linkage map. She then moved into the field of Bioinformatics to continue analysis of genomic and genetic data from several polyploid crop species including potato, kiwifruit and blueberry. She is now part of a team that is focused on the application of sequence-based genotyping and haplotyping to polyploid breeding material as well as investigating the genomics and genetics of inter-specific polyploid hybrids.