2024 Recorded Presentations

Main training presentations

Introduction by David Byrne

Community Resource Website by Delany Baum

Reads2Map Updates: Benchmarking GBS bioinformatic pipelines for polyploids using linkage maps presented by Cris Taniguti

Mapping a translocation in a triploid population using polymapR  and screening for non-additive QTLS using polyqtlR presented by Peter Bourke

Introducing MAPpoly2 and Presenting Improvements in QTLpoly by Marcelo Mollinari

VIEWpoly Updates: an interactive visualization tool for linkage analysis and results of diploid and polyploid species by Cris Taniguti

Ploidy and aneuploidy determination in a collection of Rosa sp. accessions and the impact of aneuploidy on linkage analysis by Cris Taniguti and Jeekin Lau

Tools for Polyploids PLUS by Marcelo Mollinari

Imputing from mid to high-density markers in polyploids by Jeff Endelman

Genomic prediction in an autotetraploid and outcrossing crop: blueberries by Felipe Ferrao

Genomic-assisted breeding of strawberries by Mitchell Feldmann

Diversity of Texas A&M University rose breeding program material and genomic selection of key traits by Jeekin Lau


Haplotype assembly by Tim Millar


User presentations

Development of mid-density genotyping platforms and microhaplotype database for specialty crops and animals in North America presented by Dongyan Zhao

A public mid-density genotyping platform for blueberry presented Manoj Sapkota

Bayesian tests for segregation distortion in experimental tetraploid populations presented by David Gerard

Comparison of a SNP-based genetic linkage map in alfalfa using three different reference genomes presented by Harpreet Kaur

Development of a mid-density genotyping platform for alfalfa and its application in a drought tolerance breeding program by Alex Sandercock

Development and validation of a mid-density genotyping platform for cranberry by Shufen Chen

Genetic basis of stem-end chip defects and strategies for implementation of genomic selection in potatoes by Jeewan Pandey

Improving genomic prediction of quality traits with image-based analysis in potato by Muyideen Yusuf

Genetic diversity and population structure in the developing of regionally adapted alfalfa germplasm pools by Cesar Medina


Advances in marker-assisted and genomic selection in the NCSA sweetpotato breeding program by Simon Fraher